What Our Customers Say About Us

Yes2Ventures’ Travel Support Service is vital to our customers as it offers them the chance to get to their destinations with a driver whom they know and can feel comfortable with. Here is what our customers and their guardians had to say about us:

“Very good service never lets us down Chris is very happy and comfortable and feels safe going with your drivers”- Sheila Thorpe

“As soon as Yes2Ventures came into Emiliano’s life, all transportation issues were solved! Ian became Emiliano’s driver. He is polite, helpful, friendly and possesses a great sensibility. Ian and Yes2Ventures have been an asset to Emiliano. I wish Yes2Venture had the capacity to help more people like my son, as the personalised service they provide is indeed unique”- Marta Cohen

“Thanks for all help and support you have shown over the years. All drivers we have are very supportive + helpful.”- Marj Clarke


“Dan the manager is very obliging, flexible and considerate and is always polite. The drivers are lovely and very caring towards the young people… Hope this service continues for many years to come.”- Maureen Reddy

“Yes2Ventures is absolutely brilliant!… They are always pleasant, efficient, friendly, caring, helpful and absolutely nothing is ever too much trouble for them. I really cannot thank them enough for everything they have done and continue to do for my brother and myself.”- Fiona Sezgin